Sunday, March 22, 2009

What happened to Winter?

Friday (March 20th) was the first day of Spring. According to one of my Facebook friends it was snowing in New York. It's not that uncommon - it snowed in May one year - not enough for a snowday from school, but enough to be remembered all these years later. I love winter, I love the snow - but nothing beats Spring in New York. The flowers, the rain, the birds chirping and building nests in my roof (well that happened in Indiana), the fresh air and sunshine....So maybe I'm a little homesick, and as if someone knew, I came down the stairs in my apartment building on Friday to find these beautiful flowers on the window ledge. Perfect. Spring has arrived in Cairo, too. But what happened to winter in Cairo this year? It never got cold enough for us to wear our heavy coats. Not like last year. I remember freezing my ass off standing out on the playground with the kids. But this year the coat never came out of the closet except when I took it out on the roof to shake the dust off of it. It hardly rained this year either - once, maybe twice. I can always hope that next winter will be colder and wetter. Until then I can enjoy these lovely days we are having before the unbearable heat arrives and I seclude myself in the air conditioning.

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  1. I KNOOOW... right??? I keep saying "where's winter?"
    humff... a winter-less year :\

    and I have to get the car AC fixed before intolerable heat strikes!