Monday, May 11, 2009

A great way to learn and practice Egyptian Arabic

If you are interested in learning Egyptian Arabic, but don't live in Egypt or know any native speakers, a great way to learn and practice is by watching Egyptian movies. When I lived in the States and began to study Arabic, I would play Egyptian movies on my laptop all the time. I especially love the old black and white movies. The language used in these movies is easier to understand then in newer movies. Also the old black and whites depict elements of Egyptian culture that have changed drastically in recent years. Sometimes these movies have subtitles in English which is an excellent way to learn colloquial expressions.

Here is one movie that I particularly enjoyed:

3aelate Zizi (Zizi's Family)

That one comes from Google Videos. You can find more Arabic movies on websites such as or Copticweb.
Coptic Web was a great site which worked great from the US, however, in Egypt I found that I was unable to watch the movies and unable to download them. I have recently looked at their website and noticed that they have entirely changed it since I last used it 2 years ago. Not only does the web site have a new look, it states that it charges $4.95 per month for unlimited access the the movies. If you are a fan of Egyptian Arabic movies, or a serious language learner it is well worth the investment.

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