Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Say hello to Birthday!

Friday was my husband's birthday. We had a small party but A and M were unable to make it so instead they took us out to dinner last night. We walked to Mediterraneo on Road 9. On the walk back home we found a newborn baby kitten crying by Maadi Canal School. It's eyes are not opened yet and it was shaking. There was numerous police officers standing around who said it had been like that for one day. Someone had put sheets of newspaper under it. A small crowd had gathered around it and it was struggling to get to our voices, rolling off the newspaper and onto the sidewalk. We looked around to see if we could find a mother cat, but there was none. Either the mother abandoned it or someone picked it up and took it from the mother.
A has already rescued 3 cats since she has been in Egypt. Last week she rescued a street puppy. W and I decided to take it home. I went online and found a recipe for bottle feeding kittens. We went to Metro and got evaporated milk, mayonnaise, plain yogurt, and powdered baby formula. The recipe called for plain gelatin, but I could not find any so I got the powdered baby formula for vitamins. We had the pharmacy bring over some syringes and I mixed up the ingredients in a pot with boiled water. He ate a good deal and then went to sleep in a box curled up with a towel and stuffed animal. I'm happy to say he made it through the night. I got up several times throughout the night to feed him. Today we will take him to the vet and check to see if the pet store has kitten formula.
When we picked him up A told my husband "Happy Birthday! That is your birthday present." So we decided to name him Birthday. They might have been born on the same day.


  1. Go to Mr Amin's pet shop in road 9 and you will find the German newborn kitten milk.
    The French brand is actually better (more expensive) and comes with the most successful teat..you will find this from Dr Amir Mikhail, check out his online shop too.
    This kitten is under 10 days old if eyes are still closed.
    It reqires 2-3 hourly feeds, day and night.
    Use and stick to the regime instructions exactly depending on which kitten milk brand you obtain.
    The home remedies are much less successful.
    Wind it similar to a human baby after each feed.
    Keep it warm using either a hot water bottle or water bottle filled with tepid water and make sure it is covered with a blanket to avoid skin burns.
    You will need to stimulate urination and defeacation with either damp cotton or tissue before and after each feed.
    Mum cleans baby after each feed, use tiniest amount of warm water to dampen cloth similar to face cloth and ensure kitten is dry.
    Never overfeed. Is best to feed smaller amounts more frequently.
    Keep it away from other pets until at least 4 weeks old.
    Good luck
    If you need more advise email us at www.esaf.net

  2. Thank you for your advice. We took him to a vet on Road 199. Today we went to the pet store and got the kitten formula. I was only using the homemade milk the first night as it was late when we found him and this is what I was able to look up online. I don't have a water bottle, but I put the stuffed animal in with him and he sleeps curled up under it. Then I cover him with towels. Otherwise he is doing quite fine. He drinks only a few ounces every few hours and sleeps in between.

    Thank you again for your advice...I have had kittens before, but never had one that was so young with no mother.

  3. Hi just wondering how the kitten is doing...
    hope he is ok...I have a 10 week old Siamese kitten that I love. So glad u rescued this kitty . Kim