Monday, June 29, 2009

The carpet weavers

They work in dimly lit rooms in a small village in Egypt. They sit crouched on hard benches stretching only to get another piece of silk. Their hands move so fast you can hardly follow what they are doing. They are focused and continue working despite numerous distractions around them. They are masters of the trade creating beautifully hand woven silk, wool, and camel hair carpets. And most of them are children.


  1. Beautiful pics, Mini... but sad to see these little kids accepting that it's their life to make carpets...
    But better than begging in the streets, I suppose!

  2. sad to see the children of Egypt missing out on education, but then this is the way of the village life. I should not pass judgement.income is more important then education.

  3. Actually we were told they do go to school. This time of year school is out anyway. I plan on trying to interview one of the contacts I made there and find out more about the circumstances surrounding these kids. I will update the post with any more info I can gather.