Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Living Room: AFTER

And here is how the living room looks now. (See previous post for before pictures.) No more orange wall! Now the entire room is a relaxing sage green. By the way, it is extremely hard to find a decent paint roller in Cairo. I had the paint the entire room (2 coats) with a 2 inch brush.

I moved the shelves from the solid wall to this empty space between the wall and pole in order to create a partition. This gave the room a more closed-off, intimate feel as well as creating additional wall space making it more functional.


  1. It looks really nice!

  2. a good job well done, love the positioning of the shelves! hope your husband liked all your hard work!

  3. really very beautiful
    great job :)

  4. The next time you paint...there is a great paint shop on Road 233 near the end, where 199 runs into it. Great paint and supplies.
    Good luck !!