Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama arriving in Cairo

Ok so my apartment is right in the flight path of most incoming flights to Cairo International Airport. I was wondering if I would catch a glimpse of Air Force One as it landed in Cairo for Obama's visit to Egypt on Thursday. However, I missed it because I was not outside at the time. However, one of my FaceBook friends, Anthea, who lives in Heliopolis (and even closer to the airport) was able to not only catch a glimpse - but also a short video of Obama's plane. She said she could see him waving through the window. Check out how excited she gets:

Great video! Thank you Anthea. Later that day, around 4 pm, I was sitting outside on my roof and saw a plane fly over that looked just like Air Force one. I screamed for my husband to come outside (I scared the crap out of him actually). I thought maybe they had left the airport and were on their way back to pick him up. But everyone told me no, Air Force One had remained at the airport. This morning, however another Face Book friend who also lives in Heliopolis and is a serious plane enthusiast, told me that what I saw was in fact Air Force TWO. Air Force 2 apparently arrived at Cairo Airport (on the same runway as Air Force 1) to pick up Hillary Clinton. Air Force 2 is the same color as Air Force One, but it is actually a Boeing 757. Like I said, the guy is an expert in airplanes. I don't know the difference between a 757 or 747 or any plane for that matter.

Furthermore, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit this - I had no idea there was such thing as an Air Force 2. I am ashamed to say I am an American right now! But thanks to an English guy - I now know better!

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