Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Fleeting Glimpse Photographs - Greeting card line

Back in New York and Indiana, I used to make my own greeting cards to sell at craft fairs and flea markets. I would have liked to continue here in Cairo, but cards are not really a big thing here since mail delivery is a luxury. People exchange birthday cards, but the selection is small and usually only found at the Stationers. Sadly, I left all my card stock and supplies behind. When I first started this, I was using a film camera and lost all my negatives due to the move to Egypt also. But I have some of the later digital photos still on my hard drive. Since they are just sitting there doing nothing - I decided to let them see the light of day by putting them on the website. My apologies to those of you who may be bored out of your minds by this, but here are some:



  1. You have a gift with photography! It's evident not only in these pictures, but in the Citadel pictures as well. Beautiful, artistic, striking ...

    (I'm always curious about how people find my blog, so here's how I got to yours: Cartier at Tales of a Wandering Rose left a comment on my blog, so I checked out her profile and blog, and there you were.)

  2. Hi,

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now, i.e. as soon as I know my husband has been posted to Cairo. I was married to an Egyptian many years ago and have lived in Egypt for a little while but that was 17 years ago, so I am clueless about the current living condition. Thanks to people like you and Deborah, your blogs have provided me with some insights about living in Cairo and it seems like life is much easier now than 17 years ago.

  3. I loved your story of how you and your husband met and married after only a short time..Congratulations, may you have many happy years together. I am married to an Egyptian man also,we are very happy together, at present we are in NZ but I am just so looking forward to the day in 18 months time when we return to Egypt permanently. Once again, MARBROOK :-)

  4. Hi. I've been following your blog and I love reading your posts. This one urged me to reply, though. I love the photos, they're simply gorgeous!

    And I don't think people in Cairo wouldn't be interested in your cards. I know hand crafts are not huge here, but I've been trying to get started myself in a home based crafting business (and by starting, I mean lurking online and learning quite a few things for a year now, and sold some stuff to friends/ friends of friends!) I must admit I am terrified as to how customers would perceive my products. Most of the people around here are obsessed with brands and/or chinese stuff- which makes no sense to me- but that's the beauty of egyptians, i guess!

    if you are interested, I can let you know when I start going "all public", we can work something together. (ps: I am purely aiming at adding value to my products, anything sold will be 100% yours- credit and money wise :) )