Saturday, June 6, 2009

This really annoys me

What is it about the "Please turn off your cell phones and don't use them during the flight" announcement that people do not understand? They say it in several different languages. But every flight I have ever been on has at least one person (in direct view of me) that continues to chat on his/her phone while the plane taxis down the runway. And why is it the person sitting next to me always takes out their phone and makes a call about one minute before the plane touches down? Is it going to kill them to wait another 5 minutes before calling everyone to say that they've landed?

But my recent flight back to Cairo from Abu Dhabi was by far the funniest. No sooner had the wheels touched down, when about 10 people jumped up and grabbed their luggage from the overhead compartment and started making a bee-line toward the front of the plane. But they started lining up at the EMERGENCY EXIT! The flight attendants went nuts and started screaming at them to put their bags back and return to their seats. What's funny about it is it was the first time I have actually seen Egyptians line up to do anything. Now, if they can just practice doing that at the bank...

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  1. Hello.

    I just love, love, love, love the story. It really makes me laugh. Haha!

    I wish i can see those Egyptians that were lining up. Haha!

    Egyptians! They all are so colorful.