Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where are the peanuts?

A few weeks ago I was in Maadi Metro trying to buy peanuts. This turned out to be a difficult venture. Having forgotten the Arabic word for "peanuts" (actually it's highly unlikely I ever knew it to begin with) I approached an employee and asked where the peanuts are. He just shook his head letting me know instantly that he did not understand. He motioned for a female employee standing near the cash register to join us.

"Where are the peanuts?" I asked her as she approached. It became instantly obvious that she thought I said something else that sounds like "peanuts" (but is a bit more vulgar) when she began to blush and asked me if it was something to eat. Thinking it may be easier to understand if I say it another way, I said "yes. Nuts". This produced yet another blank stare and the summoning of yet another employee.

I asked the new employee, once again, where the peanuts are. He immediately nodded his head and took off down an aisle. Finally, now we are getting somewhere. I followed close behind. He stopped in front of a can of kidney beans, taking them off the shelf and handing them to me. This was obviously going nowhere, so I decided to name any and all kinds of nuts I could think of - cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. You know - NUTS! He nodded his head and moved down to the end of the aisle where there was a few cans of mixed nuts. Victory at last!


Just for the record the Arabic word for nuts is almksrat.


  1. Oh by the way, Tis good to see you posting again was issing your post towards then end of June. Good to see your active again. Love the blogg by the way.

  2. I was taking a short vacation from the blog. Actually, I have been busy working on my photo portfolio. But I'll be back to the blog full-time in the next week or two.

    Nice to know someone missed me!

  3. thank you for reminding me i MUST check out your Facebook site aswell and if i may be so bold as to inquire ? will you be posting your Photo Portfolio online anytime Please. Would love to see your work as from what i have seen in this Blog you have a great natural talent for photography. sorry dont mean to suck up LOL but what I have seen here is far better then what i can do and cant even get put and about yet to take photos, Its to Wet and cold her in Adelaide Australia. Hopefully in a few months when the weather turns ill get my camera bag out and get out there and post online again, i do have a photobucket account if you are intersted in seeing my stuff. Let me know and i can Email you the Link for Photobucket.
    Again Thanks for the Blog and yes i know and recall your comment on my blog is very true i start something and then things just seem to sit there and i dont make an efort but give me time and i will increase the image collection on my framing Blog, Am currently waiting for more Egyptian Papyrus to arrive so that i can frame them ready for the Market.
    Will Keep you posted on that aswell LOL
    Regards Peter AKA Kenoath AKA Farkenoath

  4. I would love to see your photos...send me the link. I will be posting the some more photos on the website. That takes a lot of time, though because I have to add my copyright to them, etc. Right now I am making an actual book portfolio using a program called Blurb Booksmart. If you are not familiar with it, you create a book using their software, then upload it and they print out the book in the format you chose and mail it to you. They also have a bookstore in which they sell published books. They make nice coffee table books. I may list mine for sale as well, but it might not be of that much interest to anyone. I am making it more as a book to show potential wedding clients and people who might wish to hire me so they can see samples of my work. I have one I made a few years ago, so this is an updated version. I did wedding photography and portraits back in the States and am hoping to pick that up again.