Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Guy's Perspective On All This Kissing Stuff

A few months ago I did a blog post that included a link to And Far Way's Guide to Arabic Greeting Cheek Kisses. In response to that I got this email from a Lebanese male friend. He shared this funny story which represents a male perspective on the whole kissing confusion thing.

I was reading the guide to kissing you posted on your blog and I just HAD
to share this story with you ...As you know I studied Medicine in Lithuania,
Europe ... people there have different customs ... they see 2 Lebanese (or Arab)
guys kissing on the cheek and they get disgusted and call us gay ... guys greet
guys with a shoulder-bump ... girls kiss each other on the lips (a quick smack)
... but girls kiss their guy friends on the lips as well ...!it took me a little
while to start doing that without a minimal sense of self-consciousness , not
that I thought lip-smacking is Haram or anything ... I just went to the cheeks
first (out of habit) ... but they don't prefer it ... so I joined in and I
started lip-smacking everybody , even those I met for the first time, he he he
... I even stopped kissing Lebanese/Arab guys in front of Europeans (in the
street or club) unless they forced themselves on me , which is usually the case, then I start kissing them INTENTIONALLY in front of Europeans just to tick
them off ... :D ...

OK ! 7 years later I'm back in Lebanon ... sitting with my family and some family friends on their balcony ... a young , cute girl of about 22 joined us. I vaguely knew her ... she kissed everyone , including my brother who was 18 at the time ... they were good acquaintances ... she shook hands with me last and leaned closer to my cheek but surprisingly , I was going for her lips !!!!!! ... The look of horror on her
face froze me and she barely touched the air next to my cheek and backed off
like she was bitten by a snake :D ... AWKWARD !!! did
anyone notice ? I don't know , but if they did , they let it pass ... The rest
of the night went without a single look exchanged between us (naturally) ... and
when it was time to leave she shook my hand ... I tried to lean a bit forward
and she almost responded ... but then I hesitated and froze again and she
stopped after moving an inch or so ... another AWKWARD moment ... it's hard to
describe unless you see it yourself .. ha ha ha ... I mean so much fuss about a
simple cheek kiss !!!For the rest of the summer we restricted ourselves to a
slight handshake in the rare occasions we met ... and when she flew to France I
wasn't even there to say good-bye and I haven't seen her since ... I don't know
what she might have thought of me ... but it was one of the most embarrassing
moments of my life !!

(Oh and I later knew that at some point , our parents were
trying to fix us up ... but I think that incident messed everything up ... even
though we both didn't know we were getting fixed up ... I don't know what else
would've happened if we DID know something was being cooked .. I'd have probably
head-butted her or something ... but that's an entirely different story) ...

Signed : Clumsy

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