Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Quick Look: Ismailia, Egypt

My external hard drive crashed recently which contained every photo and video I have ever taken in my entire life. Including pictures I had scanned and VHS videos of my son when he was a baby that I had converted to digital. Of course I had no backup because when I moved overseas I transferred everything to the hard drive thinking it would take up less space than a box full of CD's. I'm hoping to get it fixed in the States. Fortunately, I had transferred some of the photos to a file on my laptop because I had planned to upload them to the blog. These were some of the photos that were saved.

A train station in Ismailia, Egypt. (circa 2006)


  1. Shucks, that sucks!
    That's one of my worst nightmares.
    Hope you can get it fixed in the US!

  2. do a search online for software for damaged hard drive recovery you might be able to retrieve your files yourself for less then what you will pay some eone else to do it.

  3. Thanks FarKenOath, but I have had sverale people try to troubleshoot this problem already. When I connect the hard drive to the computer, it shows that there is something connected, but it does not open any of the files. We can hear the motor making a funny noise. It appears that there may be something (perhaps dust) obstructing the mechanism. I believe the best thing to do is to give it to someone who can take the cover off and clean out the inside or replace the broken part. I keep the hard drive in the box when I'm not using it because the dust here in Cairo is brutal on electronics. Because the content of the hard drive is not replaceable, I would feel better at least having a professional IT person look at it.

  4. ok I am traveling to egypt in a week and i just wanted to talk to some other americans or people living there to help ease my worries. I am a little nervous! if anyone can be my buddy i would appreciate it so much!!! my email is spitera.student@mnhattan.edu. thanks!!!