Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppies in Maadi, Cairo

These puppies are 2 from a litter of 5. I don't have all the details of the story, but was told the mother died as a result of an experimental surgery by an unscrupulous vet. These puppies are doing fine and are bottle feeding nicely. They are extremely smart dogs and will make excellent pets. If you are interested in adopting one, please contact me through this blog or contact Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals.

Thank you.


  1. ,,,,and we wait for the story patiently :P

  2. hello ,
    I am a regualr reader of you're blog and love it I was hoping you would post this as am sure many animal lover's read it also, I love dog's but can't have 1 here in egypt so I decided to get a rabbit and love him very much, I researched and found he had to be fixed so I found a vet in maadi who atswore he was competent and knew rabbit's well still I was scared to do it well the day came and he operated on him and I got ready to take him home and he didn't give me much advice on after care and did'nt want to check him in a week witch had me worried! when I got him home I put him in a large box with heat and soon afetr found him bleeding ALOT and a huge ball coming out fo his stomach I was crying and called my husband in we knew something was wrong I tried to reach this vet with but he had no emargency number so frantic I googled vets in cairo and found my GOD sent DR.rania she told me to bring him right away or he would die she came all the way from october to her office in maadi and met me with her car she took 1 look and told me he didn't operate on him correctly omg and his bladder was hanging out of his belly I could of died right their for what I did to my rocky, she operated again and said the next 48 hours were critical I brought him home and prayed for the best and he had to take alot of med's and shot in the end by the grace fo GOD and dr rania he made it she told me though he had mange I called that other doctor the next day and he of course didn't take any blame! and I mentioned the mange he said he didn't think it was important omg rocky could have died from it so we r staying with dr rania and I highly reccomend her to any one looking for a vet! she id also an animal activist you can reach her at 0106205694 she has ofices in maadi by momen quare and in october... on the other hand DON'T go to the pet clinic in maadi dr amir mikail and a friend told me he fixed her cat and the cat almost died so it's not just me! I wanted to warn u all and hope you post my msg so this doesnt happen to another animal like the puppies mom.. thank u

  3. Thank you for the information. I know how hard it is to find a good vet in Egypt. Another friend also told me Dr. Rania was the best. I think I will try her when it comes time to have the puppies spayed and neutered. We are keeping both of them.

    I'm sorry you had problems, but I hope your pet is better now. Thank you for sharing the story. I often get contacted by people through the blog looking for information on vets so this story will be very helpful.

  4. Holy buckets those two are cute.