Sunday, March 7, 2010

Film Review: Cairo Time

I recently viewed the film Cairo Time. This film won all kinds of awards in Canada. Not being all too familiar with the Canadian cinema, I have to ask a pressing question: What other movies did Canada produce in order for THIS one to be a winner?

I won't even bother giving you the premise of the movie. If you are interested you can check out the website.

Here is my review:

I'm so glad that movie finally ended. Am I the only one who hated it? I must have paused about 19 times to refresh my Facebook page - which turned out to be more exciting than the movie.

First of all, the chick walks out of the airport with no luggage. All she has is her handbag and a second slightly over sized handbag. Yet from that bag she manages to pull about 9 different outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, an Apple laptop computer, and a day planner bigger than a Stephen King novel? What was that some kind of Mary Poppins bag?

And why did she go through the whole movie speaking in a breathy whisper? It had me constantly turning up the volume to hear her over the noise of Cairo. There was just one too many dramatic pauses in her delivery.

He was no better. The chemistry between them was unbelievable and unrealistic. Speaking of unrealistic - I laughed my ass off at the way they portrayed the group of guys that followed her the first time she went out alone. What, the guy walking in the other direction just automatically makes an about face and follows her? It reminded me of the scene in Andy Griffith where Opie was walking down the street with a wagon full of fresh meat and all the dogs started following him. What, did she have a pound of bacon under her dress? I have never seen it actually happen like this in all the time I've been in Cairo. It would be more like the guys would be chatting her up trying to guess what country she was from and then telling her about all their relatives who just happened to immigrate to that country. But I guess if they gave all those guys speaking roles in the movie they would have had to pay them more. The one that lingered outside the shoe store when she ducked in there to escape them was quite comical.

When her husband finally showed up I almost wished he had stayed stuck in Gaza. There was even less chemistry between them. I started rooting for Tariq at that point. Granted they've been married for years and years, but I don't see what ever brought them together to begin with.

And who in their right mind wears that severely low cut, too much cleavage revealing dress and high heels to go visit the pyramids? Surely she could have pulled a pair of flats and a t-shirt out of her Mary Poppins bag. But at least she got to see the pyramids when there was not another single living soul in sight - twice no less.

This had the potential to be a good movie, but in my opinion it fell flat. Don't waste your time on Cairo Time.


  1. I've just discovered your blog through a search on what to wear in Egypt, as I'll be visiting for the first time in July, and you've got me hooked! Your story is fascinating, and your insights on life in Cairo are very helpful for people like me who like to research their travel destinations before arrival. That being said, this film had been recommended to me as a good source of info, but upon reading your review, apparently not so much! I think I'll give it a miss. (BTW I'm Canadian, and Canadians usually do make better films that are much less cliché-ridden!)

  2. this is an interesting read. keep it up.

  3. you're so, the movie is dead on about Cairo, dead on sweetheart!! Been there, done that! It's pacing is a beautiful tribute to the way old fashioned love stories were made, hence "Cairo Time", too bad you couldn't appreciate it, maybe you should take your head out of your ass, and smell the roses in the stillness for a change?

  4. I agree with the comment from anonymous. I just saw Cairo Time and loved it. Apparently the blogger can not relate to subtlety, nuance and and a tempo that allows the film goer to settle in and enjoy the pace of this beautiful story. What a shame. Go see this movie!

  5. Actually you are somehow right! I will not agree with everything you wrote, but there is truth in ur words: there were some weird moments. But i liked very much the soundtrack of this movie, which makes me recall all gr8 memories i have had in Egypt. And about Canadian cinematography i don't know anything as well, i don't think they have fuckin big film production, know only Atom Egoyan, who has nice movies.

  6. Having been to Egypt and Cairo I can say that that there is a lot to see there and there are many nice people. But a blonde women walking on her own would get a lot more hastle. It might Cairo look quite and clean, give me a break what a lot of horse shit.