Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anyone Miss Me?

So I know I'm being a really lame blogger lately. My apologies to my fans who keep checking the page faithfully. The thing is I was back in the States again from March 10 to March 17 (one week in Evansville and St. Patty's Day in New York City!). I brought my son back to Cairo with me for a 2 week visit. He left on March 31. It was a 2 week whirlwind tour of Egypt and quite honestly it exhausted me. I went to some places in Cairo that I had never been to even after living here for 2 years. My son had a blast and I'm finally caught up on my sleep. The weather is hot and getting hotter. I'm glad we had a cold winter this year and I got my fill of rain in Cairo and also in Evansville (it rained the whole week I was there). But now I must busy myself with cleaning the remnants of sandstorms from my apartment. I'm so tired of dusting books and stuff that I just decided to pack everything in boxes. See you when the work is done.


  1. Good to hear you and your Son were able to spend some time with each other to re connect. would have been hard to see him go home again after showing him Egypt, only hope he was a s taken with your country as i was i so badly want to visit again LOL but unfortunatly the cost would just be to great. Good to know you are still ready to blogg was worried you had fallen of the face of the earth.

    Welcome Back and hope to read some more soon


  2. Hardly ever comment but yes, i was wondering what were you up to :) Its great news to hear that you had your son over there.

    By the way, i agree with you, Cairo Time, dissapointing but never get tired of Egypt's images.