Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Josh Hines and the stray dog in Cairo

Here is a clip of a news report on Josh and his efforts to bring the stray dog to America. Josh also hopes to raise awareness on the lack of animal right in Egypt. Here is a link to the animal rights group in Egypt that Josh spoke of in the interview.

Note: This is an update of the post A Boy and His Dog.

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  1. Iman, thank you so much for your continued help and support

  2. Wow, I wish I could help seriously. This is sad and I hope this Josh guy will make a difference. I was going to take my guide dog, but my husband thinks it not wise. I don't know. I am quite confused right now. But I hope Josh gets his dog!

  3. Malak: I agree with your husband. Egypt is a difficult country for ANY handicapped person (no wheelchair access, no handicapped bathrooms, etc.). But it will be even more difficult trying to maneuver your way around with a guide dog and you will find that many establishments won't allow your dog inside. Egypt is a difficult country to walk with a dog even for a sighted person. Also, many people are terrified of big dogs here.

  4. Yes, that is what we figured and Mohamed agreed. We are still deciding.
    Any hope with Josh and his dog? Can't the animal place take him to the airport and put him on the plane and say it is a dog traveling alone under or wherever they put the dogs and Josh just picks up the dog at the airport?
    I really don't know about transporting animals, but I know you can ship them off by themselves on a plane.

  5. They may eventually ship the dog as cargo (alone) but it costs thousands of dollars to do this. It's around $1,000 if the dog flies as luggage, but as cargo could be three to four times more and then Josh would have to pick up the dog in New York. He is trying to raise money for all this, but logistically it harder to ship a dog alone.

  6. O ok. Sorry. Didn't know.