Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Forget About Egypt's Other Abused Citizens

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  1. hey there,

    i love what you are doing for the dogs and animals in Egypt. i have lived in Egypt before(i am Egyptian actually but currently living in Canada) and i have seen first hand how stray animals suffer and are uncared for. im glad to see someone helping them out. i personally love animals, all animal, i even went vegetarian fir this reason. i watched the video with the stray dog in it, i believe it was named sphyncus nagga( sorry if i misspelled that) and i was so moved by it. first the dog was incredibly cute.
    and i also miss egypt a lot. the sound of honking cars that would normally piss me of sounded like music to my ears. i read your other blog on the Huffington post called "the perpetual tourist: Life as an american under the Mubarak regime" i thought it was amazing and very accurate. i love what your husband had to say about the revolution being a revolution of hungry people, it pretty much summed up everything that has been happening.
    i will be looking forward to reading more of you posts. i hope that your family is safe in these hard times.

    _The Longing Egyptian.